Our company is experienced, as we are successors of the long-time producing and distributing tradition under the brand SOLO.

We offer only flame goods, are according to all standards and regulations.

We have everything for flame ignition: from matches and lighters up to firelighters and barbecue sets.

We always come up with new products, which expand our offer of flame igniting or barbecuing.

The history of the production of Sušice matches in essential dates

Vojtěch Scheinost is officially named match manufacturer by the city magistrate. This act by the city magistrate gave locals new ways of earning their livelihoods.

The city magistrate grants Bernard Fürth the right to produce matches.

Bernard Fürth becomes the owner of the firm and Vojtěch Scheinost becomes manager and technical director. The ambitious Bernard Fürth manages a branch in Zlata Koruna, which will be in operation until 1876.

Bernard Fürth is given permission to build a factory along the road to Dobršín, at the present site of the SOLO SIRKÁRNA company. By December 9, 1844 the newly-completed factory was ready to host a ball attended by Catholic and Jewish residents.

Bernard Fürth is given permission to enlarge the factory with a new wing on the Hrádecká Street side of the building.

Fürth family and Vojtěch Scheinost split their ways. Scheinost opens so called „upper match factory“, which has been producing the matches up till 1932. Nowadays it is known a PAP factory.

The SOLO Match and Wax Factory Corporation is founded, with its headquarters at Vienna. This conglomerate includes the six largest match producers in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and both of the Sušice match factories are part of the company.

National enterprise SOLO acquires the first automated line Hering typ 313.

The state firm SOLO buys its first ARENCO type KL-4 assembly line for the production of matches.

SOLO SIRKÁRNA buys a DZ 240 assembly line. Which is during 2004-2007

Sales reaches about 474,21 million boxes, which is  a record in the modern history. The yearly production capacity of all lines is more than 600 million standard matchboxes and 15 million household matchboxes DZ 240, with an annual turnover of more than 7 million EUR.

Official date of the end of match production at Sušice. In January and February, limited production of our own matches continued in order to meet sales needs.

Management of the firm was moved from Sušice to Brno.

Warehouse was established in this year with its address in Prague.

In this year the company transformation process was finished, which also meant change of name of the company from SOLO SIRKÁRNA, a.s. to SOLO MATCHES & FLAMES, a.s.

In this year we managed to renew the ISO certificate for purchase and sale of flame goods, get the FSC certificate about wood manufactory and we also implemented new product strategy, thanks to which we extended our range of goods.

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