Company profile

The joint-stock company SOLO MATCHES & FLAMES, a.s. is a sales leader in terms of matches and flame products on Czech and international market. Most of our products are made under SOLO brand, which refers to more than 175 years of manufacturing and trade with matches. SOLO MATCHES & FLAMES offers only highest quality goods, which meets all legal requirements. The quality is regularly tested in our laboratory.

Classic Trade marks

The classic trademarks owned by the company (The Scissors, The Key, The Pipe etc.) serve as long-term support for sales of matches. Nevertheless, our current range of products includes not only standard and household matches, but also long matches, lighters, barbecue and fireplace firelighters, candles, and last but not least advertising matches, which make excellent marketing tools for our customers.

Major supplier

Nearly 50% of our current sales capacity is exported to the world market. We export not only to many European countries, but also to the Middle East. In the Czech Republic our matches and other products are distributed above all to international grocery and general retail chains.

Our partners:

  • Retail chains: Albert, Billa, Globus, Kaufland, Makro, Norma, Penny Market, Tesco
  • Local shops: COOP, CBA, CTC, Geco, JAS, JIP, Rosa Market, Traffic, Tabak plus, Vonet
  • Chemist: Drogerie Teta – p.k. Solvent
  • Hobby markets: Bauhaus, Baumarkt, Hornbach, Mountfiled, OBI, UNI hobby
  • V SR: ROVER, Billa, DM drogerie market, Kaufland, Tesco

SOLO MATCHES & FLAMES holds a 90% share of the Czech market in matches and a 60% share of the Slovak market in matches.

Governing structure of the SOLO MATCHES & FLAMES

  • Chairman of the executive board: Martin David
  • Vice-Chairman of the executive board: Ing. Jaromír David, CSc.
  • Supervisory board member: Ing. Stanislav Bojanovský
  • Director: Marek Špiller, DiS., MBA